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Donnez votre avis sur le site et son forum, c'est important !
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Le site

Messagede SachaValentine » 07 Octobre 2011, 07:16

Pour donner votre avis sur le site, il suffit de répondre sur ce Forum.
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Re: Le site

Messagede MissClick » 22 Août 2013, 08:57

J'aime beaucoup ce site, même s'il est loin d'être complet, on y trouve des choses intéressantes.

Bonne continuation ;)
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Re: Le site

Messagede SachaValentine » 26 Août 2013, 07:55

Merci =)
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Chiropractic helps with injuries due to accidents

Messagede NicoleChoi » 27 Novembre 2016, 22:53

Chiropractic is useful in the treatment of various injuries such as sprains, pulled muscles and joint problems caused by cars, sports, work and everyday injuries. The most common injuries caused by accidents:

lower alignment
Upper back and neck alignment

Whiplash is the sudden movement that causes disruption to the neck. This type of sudden movement often occurs during a car accident, even at very low speeds. Although you may not hurt the vertebrae moving initially not feel in place eventually lead to problems with the nerves and cause you pain from misalignment or Clarendon chiropractic. Medical doctors prescribe painkillers and bed rest for whiplash, which can be good for a day or two, but not for the long term. There is no way for an indefinite period of time to stay in bed, nor is it possible to work regularly on painkillers. A chiropractor will help you in the cause of helping the problem rather than to manage the symptoms.
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Re: Le site

Messagede lensmall002 » 01 Juin 2017, 16:51

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